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Prince Mired visits Al Oqab Nuts Roasters and Mills


His Highness Prince Mired bin Raad bin Zaid, Chairman of the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (HCD), visited today Al Oqab Nuts Mills and Roasters, in order to see the pioneering initiatives undertaken by the factory in the field of employing persons with disabilities.
H.H praised the efforts made by the factory to give persons with disabilities the opportunity to work; stressing the need for private sector companies to follow the Al-Oqab factory so that the number of persons with disabilities in various positions and jobs are increased.


For his part, Qassem Al-Natsheh, Executive Director of Al-Oqab Roasters and Mills, said that the factory, since its establishment in 1985, has had experience in employing 21 employees of persons with disabilities with different kind of disabilities, movement and intellectual disabilities, and they constitute 10% of the total number of employees, noting that factory employees were not affected by the conditions of the Corona pandemic, and none of them were deducted from their salaries or laid off.

The visit included a tour of all the factory facilities, during which H.H was briefed on all the jobs that persons with disabilities work in, in addition to reviewing the means of accessibility and facilitating arrangements provided by the factory. His Highness spoke with a number of workers with disabilities and discussed with them the suitability of the work environment for them and listened to their impressions of their experience working with the factory.

It is worth noting that a number of workers with disabilities in the factory received the best employee award for their performance and discipline.