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Prince Mired receives the Jordanian Paralympic delegation champions


His Royal Highness Prince Raad bin Zaid, accompanied by H.H Prince Mired bin Raad, President of the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (HCD), welcomed the champions of the Jordanian Paralympic mission upon its return from Japan after its participation in the Paralympic Games, which is usually organized immediately after the conclusion of the Olympic Games.

H.H Prince Raad praised the achievements of the mission’s champion athletes with disabilities, who, he said, “raised the flag of Jordan and placed it, as is their ritual, among the leading pioneering countries in the field of sports for people with disabilities.”

In turn, H.H Prince Mired congratulated the mission’s champions, praising their championships, medals and record numbers in various games, stressing the need to support sports and athletes with disabilities to continue achieving outstanding achievements.

On his part, Dr. Muhannad Al-Azza, the Secretary-General of HCD, expressed the pride of the Council and people with disabilities in the achievements of the mission’s champions that are not strange to them, expressing the pride of all Jordanians in what was achieved by the champions with disabilities who were able, with their determination and willpower, to achieve what others without disabilities did not achieve despite the sports sector for persons with disabilities is filled with challenges and difficulties.

For their part, the members of the mission expressed their deep appreciation and thanks for the initiative of H.R.H Prince Raad bin Zaid and H.H Prince Mired and their keenness to welcome them at the airport, stressing that the efforts of H.H Prince Raad, who was the founder, sponsor and supporter of the sport of persons with disabilities in Jordan, as well as the efforts of H.H Prince Mired, tirelessly facilitating and supporting the work of the Paralympic Committee; It is the main factor and main driver of the brilliant achievements over the decades by sports champions with disabilities. The members of the mission also affirmed their hope that they will always be looked at, their issues taken care of, and their achievements celebrated in the same way that sports champions without disabilities are treated.

The Jordanian participation (historic and exceptional) was completed with 5 colored medals, 4 gold for each of the weightlifters Omar Qaradah (49 kg), Abdul Karim Khattab (88 kg) and Jamil Al-Shibli (107 + kg), the gold of pushing the iron ball to the world champion Ahmed Hindi, and bronze Expert champion Khitam Abu Awad in the table tennis singles.