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Prince Mired honors fellow journalist Ruba Al-Riyahi


His Highness Prince Mired bin Raad, President of the higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (HCD), honored Ruba Al-Riyahi from Al-Ghad newspaper at the council's headquarters, in the presence of the Council's Secretary-General and journalist Farihan Al-Hassan from the newspaper. H.H praised the outstanding work and determination that made Ruba Al-Riyahi the first blind journalist in Jordan to obtain membership in the Association of Journalists and one of the prominent female journalists of Al-Ghad for her Efficiency and distinction.

The Secretary-General of the Council, Dr. Muhannad Al-Azza, praised the high professionalism that Ruba enjoys, the awareness that her journalistic work achieves, and the conceptual and behavioral change that Ruba contributes to about persons with disabilities. She has achieved what she has reached with her professionalism and ability, away from the inclusion of disability in a different context.

journalist Frihan Al-Hassan emphasized what the council's honoring of distinguished persons with disabilities constitutes as a drive and motive for creativity, proving competencies and enhancing the participation of persons with disabilities. She pointed out that Al-Ghad newspaper is fortunate to have a journalist with professionalism, creation and efficiency as Ruba, whose work rarely needs editing as a result of her keenness to produce the journalistic work at the highest level. It is noteworthy that the journalist Ruba Al-Riyahi graduated from the University of Jordan, Faculty of Arabic Language, and joined the Al-Ghad family in 2012 and is now working in the Department of Our Lives.