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The higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities launches a media competition entitled "Deal with my topic objectively"


Within the framework of the policy of the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to promote exemplary practices in various fields with the aim of establishing a culture that contributes to the inclusion of persons with disabilities and their enjoyment of their rights on the basis of equality with others, the Council launched, under the patronize of the Council’s President H.H Prince Mired bin Raad, a competition “Deal with my topic objectively.” It is the first media competition in the history of the Kingdom on the media’s handling of the issues and rights of persons with disabilities, which aims to encourage media professionals of all categories to submit creative works and objective media materials that address disability from a perspective away from stereotypes and labels that place a person with disabilities either in the framework of superheroes or Pathetic submissiveness and weakness.

In his statement about the award details, Dr. Muhannad Al-Azza, Secretary-General of the Council, said that the idea of the competition came as a way to stimulate the creative faculties of media workers to present models and products based on the social rights approach that sheds light on obstacles and not on disabilities and focuses on the impact of environmental obstacles, behavioral barriers, and the stereotypical view of persons with disabilities in the face of the enjoyment of their rights and freedoms on the basis of equality with others.

He also indicated that the competition covers audio-visual, written and drama media, so that those wishing to apply for the award can submit their work that they produced and published during the years 2020 and 2021 to the council, which in turn will classify, study and judge it through a neutral committee that includes experts in the four mentioned media fields.

Al-Azza stressed that this competition will establish an atmosphere of commendable professional competition aimed at improving media coverage of persons with disabilities and their issues and rights in a manner based on objective analysis of the root causes of the problems they face and get in the way of them from enjoying their rights.

A number of private sector institutions have taken the initiative to sponsor this competition, including the golden sponsorship category, Orange Jordan, Arab Jordan Investment Bank AJIB, Jordan Ahli Bank, silver sponsorship category, Jordan Kuwait Bank, and bronze sponsorship category, Al-Etihad Bank, in addition to media sponsorships From Al-Mamlaka Channel and Al-Raya Media Foundation, and AlTaj News.

The value of the prizes is two thousand and five hundred JD for the first winner and one thousand seven hundred fifty JD for the second winner, while the third winner will receive a thousand JD, and each of the four types of media (audio visual, written, drama) contestants will compete for the first, second and third places, as in the end, the number of winners will be 12 contestants divided into the four categories.

The contestants can apply for the award and submit their work until November 7, 2021, and the winners will be announced and handed over the prizes in a ceremony under the patronage of H.H Prince Mired bin Raad, President of the Council in December during the celebration of the International Day of Disability. The winning works will also be promoted in various media and social media.

To know the conditions for applying for the award and to view the media guide on addressing the rights and issues of persons with disabilities, please click on the following link: