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Free medical day for persons with disabilities


In cooperation with the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Family Health Care Institute of the King Hussein Foundation organized a free health day for persons with disabilities at the Council’s Identification Card Unit building in the Arjan region in Amman.

Organizing the health day, in which about 100 participants from people with disabilities and their families participated, comes within the framework of a cooperation agreement between the council and the institute with the aim of raising the health level of the local community and improving services provided to persons with disabilities.

Dr. Osama Samawi, Technical Director of the Institute for Family Health Care, indicated that the health day included general medicine consultations, psychological counseling sessions, diabetes, blood pressure and vision tests, early detection of breast cancer, in addition to detecting dental problems, nutrition services, audio consultations, special education and speech, Physical and occupational therapy, and mobile health library services that distributed educational and awareness-raising publications on various issues of interest to persons with disabilities, taking into account the commitment to preventive measures and public safety conditions. The health day also included various activities for children, which included a march inside the Paralympic Committee stadium, with encouraging moral posters explaining their interests, in addition to a set of awareness games.

Speaking about the agreement between HCD and the Institute, the Secretary-General of the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Dr. Muhannad Al-Azza, said that the cooperation agreement between HCD and the Institute aims to provide sessions of psychological and speech support and physical and occupational therapy for persons with disabilities, in addition to development and training in the areas of rehabilitation for victims gender-based violence and child protection..