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Policies and Institutional Development

Developing the general policy on disability, including laws, regulations, instructions and decisions related to developing standards of services provided to persons with disabilities, in addition to developing executive plans and work programs.



1. To monitor, evaluate and follow up on all projects and activities carried out by the Council.

2. To develop the strategic work plan of the Council and to follow up on its implementation with the various departments.

3. To design and develop training programs for the Council’s staff, and to propose and train the staff working in other government authorities as needed.

4. To participate in the development of training material for the required capacity building programs.

5. To support and develop the capacity of civil society organizations that are working in the field of disability, support their initiatives, and enhance networking opportunities with the Council.

6. To expand the process of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) on what has and has not been accomplished by the Council, while taking into account gender and geographical areas.