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Monitoring and Coordination

The process of monitoring and evaluation has become an integral part of any strategic plan to determine the impact and outcomes of the work done, and the ensuing confirmation or negation of results and achievements.



1. To coordinate and work on networking among the different government authorities in all that the Council implements and that which falls within the strategies and executive plans of more than one institution.

2. To determine the knowledge, technical and training needs of government authorities in order for them to implement their obligations under the Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

3. To form follow-up and inspection teams that will monitor various institutions to assess and confirm their commitment to implementing the provisions of the Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, in terms of what has and has not been implemented and the reasons that prevented application, and then determine how to help them in applying what has not been applied so as to overcome the challenges to successful implementation.

4. To develop the Council’s annual report on the status quo of disability rights in Jordan. This monitors and records the achievements, challenges and recommendations to overcome these challenges and to report it to the Cabinet and the Speakers of the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament.

5. To receive complaints on discrimination and exclusion based on disability, as well as to verify and process them, either by settling them or referring them to the concerned authorities.