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Equal Opportunities Committee

Article 14 of the Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities stipulates that the Council establish the Equal Opportunities Committee headed by the Secretary General and with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Labor, the Civil Service Bureau, Chambers of Industry and Trade, the Federation of Trade Unions, as well as representatives of the private sector. This is in addition to three people with disabilities who possess substantial experience vis-à-vis the mandate of the Council, as well as a representative of the National Center for Human Rights.


Tasks (as stipulated in Article 14)

1.         Receive complaints related to discrimination on the basis of, or because of, disability in the field of work and ascertain and settle such complaints with the relevant authorities.

2.         Issue technical reports related to providing reasonable accommodation within the working environment, according to a request in writing by individuals or related labor authorities.

3.         Exchange information and expertise with the Ministry of Labor, Civil Service Bureau, Private Sector and other related authorities in order to enhance the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the labor market.

4.         Cooperate with the Council, Ministry of Labor, Civil Service Bureau, and other labor authorities in issuing guidance directories and orientation bulletins on the requirements for reinforcing the rights of persons with disabilities at work.

5.         Any other tasks assigned by the President.