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Accreditation and Quality Control

The Council is striving to become an accreditation-granting body under accredited licensing approved by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare, with the aim of issuing all accreditation standards vis-à-vis the quality of services provided to persons with disabilities. It also provides technical support to government authorities concerned with the application of these standards as per the provisions of Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities No. (20) for the 2017. These include the standards for disability diagnosis; the parties involved in diagnosis; and the standards for professionals working in the field of special education, in addition to the standards on reasonable accommodation and accessibility.



1. To prepare and train evaluators in order to ensure the enforcement of quality standards and accreditation.

2. To issue procedural pamphlets related to standards and conditions for granting accreditation licenses.

3. To train institutions on these standards and evaluate institutional work, such as the evaluation of special education institutions.

4. To equip evaluators and prepare training materials for them and grant them accreditation certificates.

5. To develop standards for workers in the field of disability at both the institutional and individual levels.

6. To issue standards for granting professionalization licenses to practice sign language and special education.

7. To conduct field visits in order to ensure the quality of the work.

8.  To develop standards for diagnosis and standards for training people on these standards.